Who we are:

© Foto: Erik Zähres

We are Ylva and Josh and at lilagrün – your Magazine for Activism – we will report about lilagrün (German for purple-green) topics.
But what does that mean?
Our dream is a good life for everyone and therefore we will join the fight!
We strongly believe the ways towards our dream are as diverse as all the people getting involved for a future worth living in.

For pursuing our own way we get motivated by these people focussing on engagement, visions and utopias to make the world a better place.

Also we are bothered by the missing transparent reporting about left activism in the media which tends to cover these actions with a distant view.
Much rather we would like to get inspired by activists, dive into their dreams and hear their stories.

Do you know about exciting utopias which are already lived today? Do you know about campaigns or people who fight for a better world? Or can you tell purple-green stories from your own experience?

We want to meet these people, hear their dreams and help to spread their ideas.

We want to experience, feel and listen!
We want to tell purple-green stories.

This is your Magazine for Activism

Principles of our work:

lilagrün is a political magazine.
That means sometimes we will convey some of our own moral opinions in our journalistic reports.
Because we are fighting for a just, ecological, non-discriminatory and livable purple-green future!

To guarantee a good journalistic work we pledge to follow the principles below which are made in close correlation to the German press-code:

1. Human dignity is inviolable.

a) In our journalistic work human dignity has top priority.
Our work does not discriminate people, beliefs or behaviour.

b) We don’t want to offend, insult or hurt anyone.

c) We dispense with inappropiate representation of violance and mark disturbing content with the respective trigger warning / content warning.

2. Truth and Diligence

a) To the best of our knowledge all of our content is the truth.
We position ourself distinctly against fake information, lies and misleading representations.

b) We will mark presumptions, personal opinions, quotes, material of others and the sources of our researches.

c) Rectification
Should we or others notice mistakes in our work, we strive for fastest possible rectification. The rectification has to be connected with the original posting. The process of correction has to be transparent and in case of archiving the rectification has to be saved together with the original posting.

3. Protection of sources and behaviour with the police

a) To protect identities we will always make use of the journalistic right to refuse to give testimony (German law: StPO §53 Abs. 1 Nr. 5).

b) Govermental news embargoes will never be acceptable.

c) All known information of whereabouts are under strict secrecy.

d) All known information of non-publicly planned events or activities are under strict secrecy.

e) We will never publish any material which could lead to identification of people breaking the law.
In cooperation we respect the wishes for anonymisation of persons involved. 

f) Intelligence activities and cooperation with governmental authorities do not happen.

4. Freedom of Press

a) The freedom of press is only restricted by the constitution.
Other restrictions of any kind are prohibited.

b) We are incorruptible. We don’t accept invites or gifts which exceed the socially appropiate or journalisticly necessary amount.

c) Advertising and paid postings are always marked.The content is not influenced.

5. Exclusivity

a) We don’t make a claim on exlusitivity of our postings.

b) Material produced by us can be requested by cooperating people and organisations for their own journalistic usage.